Cleaning and Renovating Steps

If you feel that your existing steps are in good condition but are looking tired and not at their best, Stonesteps London offers a cleaning and renovating service. Using high quality, specialist products (some of which are detailed below) from market leaders such as Lithofin, we can clean and seal your existing steps, thus immediately improving their appearance and making them easier to maintain in the future. We use a range of products that will work on natural and engineered stone, polished materials and absorbent unglazed tiles.

Lithofin MN Builders' Clean

Suitable for acid resistant stones such as granite and sandstone, this product removes cement and mortar residues, limescale, ingrained dirt and rust discolouration.

Lithofin ALGEX

Ideally suited for all outdoor surfaces, Lithofin Algex removes all kinds of dirt caused by plants and trees including slippery deposits. It also has a preventative effect to keep surfaces clear of new deposits for up to one year.

Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner

This is a highly active cleaner, based on chlorine compounds, for marble, natural and artificial stone. It will give a thorough cleaning to outdoor surfaces and will also remove dark mould from silicone joints.

Lithofin STAINSTOP >W<

This is a water based impregnator to effectively protect against oil, grease, dirt and water and will largely prevent staining once the steps have been cleaned correctly. It is suitable for polished or rough stone and can last up to four years.